Light Volleyball is a slightly modified version of traditional volleyball with the key differences being the use of a bigger, lighter and softer ball, played on a slightly smaller court and with a slightly lower net. It is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Like traditional Volleyball, Light Volleyball is played with two teams (generally 5 on each side) with the goal being to hit the ball over the net to your opponent’s side. A point is won if the opponent fails to return the ball or returns the ball out of bounds. Booking costs are as follows:

  • 4 x Light Volleyball Courts = $132 per hour

To book, email with the details of your request.

Two players going for ball over net

Playing Light Volleyball at Five Dock Leisure Centre

Check out the below tips before your booking

  • Bring your own ball 
  • Bring a full drink bottle (no glass bottles are allowed) and a towel on hand
  • Please stop play 2–3 minutes before your booking ends to make room for the next group.