Indoor Netball

Social women’s netball competitions run on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 9:40am and 12:00pm. Established over a number of years, these competitions have proven to be fun, enjoyable and entertaining. In the mornings, teams can even get together for a cup of coffee at the Vdock café within the centre at the completion of their game. Crèche services are also available in the morning from 9:00am to 12:00pm and prices start from $5.50.



Competition Dates: 

  • Tuesday Morning Competition: 08/02/22 - 21/06/22 (School Holiday break 11th April - 24th April)
  • Thursday Morning Competition: 10/02/22 - 23/06/22 (School Holiday break 11th April - 24th April)
  • Tuesday Morning Grand Finals: 28th June 2022
  • Thursday Morning Grand Finals: 30th June 2022

Prices & Fees:

  • Team Nomination: $30 
  • Team Season Fee: $1,188 (17 rounds + Semi Final Fee*) 
    *As all teams will compete in a Semi Finals series (Div 1 or 2), the Semi Final match fees are included with the up-front fees. Grand Finals are free of charge.
  • Player registration: $59
  • All payments and player registrations are to be made online.

Playing Whilst Pregnant Procedure: CLICK HERE



FDLC would like to reassure all participants that the health and safety of all venue patrons and staff is our top priority. We have increased the cleaning and sanitisation of equipment in the stadium area and continue to follow guidance provided by the NSW State Government, NSW Health and relevant national sporting bodies accordingly.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made a few changes to our operations and have updated our conditions of entry to the stadium (sports courts). Please ensure you carefully read the following and adhere to any requested protocol changes listed below:

Do not attend any sport if you are unwell and experiencing symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, fever, fatigue or shortness of breath.

Do not attend sport if, in the last 14 days, you have been unwell or had close contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19.

If you have recently travelled from overseas or interstate (Victoria) please follow the current NSW Government and NSW Health advice. Anyone who is unwell should see a doctor in accordance with NSW Health guidelines.

Our current philosophy towards all indoor sport is to “arrive, play sport, leave”.

We encourage you to download the COVIDSafe App. In addition, FDLC have organised an app that all participants will use to digitally (via phone) check in and out of the centre. People without a phone will be required to check in and out at the front customer service counter. This process is required to assist with contact tracing should we have a venue user diagnosed with COVID-19.

Please prepare or dress for Netball at home.

Please shower at home before and after your match.

Please bring your own clean and sanitised Netball. FDLC will not be hiring/loaning out netballs.

FDLC will be providing sanitiser stations throughout the centre. There are two units located at the entry to the stadium (sports courts).

Participants should gradually return to training/competition to reduce the risk of injury. Please ensure suitable warm up and cool down takes place.

Please bring your own full labelled drink bottle (please use plastic, no glass bottles are allowed) and towel. The water fountain (bubbler) is currently not in use.

Avoid unnecessary contact (i.e. shaking hands, hugs, high fives etc.) and please keep socially distanced during breaks in play.

If required, changing or putting gear on before and/or after sport should be done in, or near to, your own vehicle – or elsewhere away from the playing area. Please note the FDLC change rooms, showers and lockers are currently closed. Toilet facilities are open.

Enter and exit the centre and stadium via the designated doorways (see below).

Netball Competition Specific Information

- Teams/Players are to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before their scheduled match time and are to wait at the stadium entry area out under the gazebo, at the front of the centre, socially distanced.

- Please virtually check in via the QR code near the gazebo marked “visitor entry registration: stadium”. When leaving the Centre you will need to use the same QR Code/link to check-out. FDLC staff will be able to assist with this process.

- When ready, the match umpire will come out and ask you to come in to the centre, once the courts have been cleared from the previous match/activity. Players will no longer need to sign the match sheet, the umpire will check player lists prior to tip off.

- Please exit the court after your match within 10 minutes of the completion of play (see map below), check out via QR code located at the stadium exit point.

- The upstairs viewing area is currently closed. Please access court 2 via the ground floor.

- When the match is completed please exit via the exit door identified on the map below, please keep moving away from the area to allow free passage to all players. If you have a child in the crèche or wish to purchase a post-match coffee please exit via the back carpark and re-enter via the main entrance keeping social distancing in mind when doing so.

- Game times have been adjusted to allow longer breaks between matches to reduce cross over with other teams and players. New game times are now 9:30am, 9:40am & 10:40am.

- FDLC will no longer be providing bibs to players; please purchase a set of bibs for your team. If your team does not have a uniform, please note that this is a requirement of playing at FDLC. We will have a few sets of bibs at reception for sale -  a set of 7 reversible for $80. Please email if you wish to purchase a set or have them put aside. 

- Match balls will be washed and sanitised prior to, between, and after each match. If you bring your own ball to warm up it must be cleaned and sanitised. Match balls will not be handed out for warm up and will be the responsibility of the match umpires. Hand sanitiser will be available at the scorer's table also - please use before checking in to the game. 

- While standing on the sideline, please keep your distance from teammates and refrain from close contact when celebrating a goal or victory. 

- There are to be no spectators on court or in the upstairs viewing area (currently closed). We also won't be providing seats for reserve players as standard operation. 


We are thrilled to gradually welcome our community back to FDLC and we will ensure we do everything possible to keep the centre a clean and safe place for everyone. We thank all FDLC visitors for your patience, continued support of the centre and for closely following the above guidelines.

Please email if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions.


How To Enter A Team

To enter a team please fill out the nomination form and either hand into reception or fill out, scan and send to and CC by the nomination close date TBA. Late submissions will be considered, please address email as URGENT to allow enough time for processing. 

Team season fees to be paid as one up-front payment at reception before the start of the first game. All individual player registrations are paid through each player's account separately at reception (this must be completed in person at reception, as an ID photo will be attached to the player's account).

PLEASE NOTE: Our competitions are designed for you to 'form and bring a team'.  If you are unable to form a team but would still like to play please send your details to and we will do our best to accommodate you with any team that is in need of players.


Player Code of Conduct

By registering in FDLC's sporting competitions, you agree that as per the player code of conduct, you will:

  • Play by the FDLC competition rules, and never argue with an official. If you disagree with a decision you will inform the captain or Five Dock Leisure Centre staff after the game
  • Demonstrate a duty of care towards everyone at the Five Dock Leisure Centre including following FDLC’s Covid-19 safe plan & protocols.
  • Display a high level of maturity. Understand that verbal abuse of officials and other players, and deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent are not acceptable or permitted behaviours in any sport.
  • Understand that Five Dock Leisure Centre has a zero tolerance policy on any behaviour deemed to be excessively aggressive or anti-social.
  • Be a good sport and applaud all good plays whether they are made by my team or the opposition.
  • Treat all players in my sport as you like to be treated. You will not bully or take unfair advantage of another competitor.
  • Cooperate with my coach, teammates and opponents, and display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat.
  • Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit, not just to please parents and coaches.
  • Ensure your decisions and actions contribute to a safe environment.
  • Will not arrive at the Five Dock Leisure Centre under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  • Work equally hard for yourself and/or your team, and thank the opposition and officials at the end of the game


The Netball courts are available for casual hire at the following rates:

Monday to Friday: $77 per hour; $52.50 per hour off-peak (Mon-Fri 5:30am - 9:00am)

Please note, for weekend Netball court hire please email for availability.

To make a casual booking, please contact reception on 9911 6300 or book online.