Corporate wellness

Benefits of a workplace wellness program

For the employer

On average, a typical worker loses 115 productive work hours every year due to a health condition. A majority of the lost productive time from these health conditions is invisible to employers because it occurs on the job. Absenteeism due to stress has increased with the total cost to employers in lost productive time.

Employers of choice are realising the benefits in maintaining a healthy lifestyle among employees, with the associated bottom-line gains from fewer sick days, increased productivity, greater motivation and commitment to the company. In recognition of this, Five Dock Leisure Centre have launched the Body Corporate membership and invite all businesses to set up a membership for their employees.


We believe that the key to a strong company is having strong, healthy employees, and that encouraging a preventative approach to health and wellness is one of the most innovative and effective ways employers can boost employee morale, productivity, employee retention and overall profit. Taking advantage of programs offered not only will help you succeed more during work hours, it will give you more energy and patience for your home and personal life as well.

If your company does not have an employee wellness program already set up, you may be in the position to lead the way. Contact your human resources department or, if you have access, go straight to the top to your president or Chief Executive Officer. This could be the big idea that gets you that big promotion! Complimentary membership is also given for the head member who organises the company membership.

How to make it happen!

Body Corporate at Five Dock Leisure Centre is designed for companies with over five members, (including employees and their families) and offers a special corporate rate on their membership.

There's no cost to the company, but the flexibility of the membership allows the company to contribute towards membership fees if they wish to do so.

The benefits you receive from setting up a body corporate membership are:

  • Reduced corporate rates. There is no cost to the company unless it chooses to contribute to monthly membership fees;
  • No joining or administration fees;
  • Complimentary membership for the head member who organises the company membership; and
  • Unrestricted access to all facilities including group fitness classes, powerplate, cardio equipment and more.

The results:

  • Increased productivity, energy and creativity;
  • Increase in employee mental focus, clarity, endurance and attention to detail;
  • Increase in employee production and job execution;
  • Improved company moral;
  • Significant reduction in absenteeism from injuries and illness;
  • Measurable reduction in insurance claims and premiums;
  • Reduction in employee turnovers;
  • Increase in staff retention, longevity and company satisfaction;
  • Increase in employee overall quality of life through the proven benefits gained physically, psychologically and emotionally through health and fitness;
  • Retained vision, teamwork and cohesiveness of employees; and
  • Increased potential for recruitment.

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