Gymnastics Timetable 2022

Gymnastics program quality improvements for 2022

We are currently undertaking a review process to enhance the quality of our gymnastic programs in 2021. To achieve these quality improvements, we are moving to a more developmentally-based training system. This means that our training programs will be more closely aligned to each gymnast’s current skill and developmental level, with less emphasis on age-based segmentation.

You may have noticed in the 2021 timetable that our school age recreational classes are no longer segmented by the age categories 5 to 7 years (foundations), and 8 to 13 years (stages). There are currently a wide range of gymnast skill levels within many of our classes, and this makes it more difficult to design a training curriculum for each gymnast in a group. Under the new structure, and from the results of the assessment week (details below), we will be better positioned to sub-group gymnasts according to their current skill and developmental level. We are also offering the option of additional class times, so gymnasts can progress to higher levels in recreational and competitive programs on a more gradual and systematic basis.

In addition to the enhancement of the class structure, our 2021 plan includes the development of a more structured approach to training programs, and increased training and professional development for our coaching team. This includes training in sports science topics, regular skill development workshops and on the job mentoring. If anyone is interested in becoming an accredited coach (via Gymnastics Australia coach education framework), with the opportunity to be provided on job training as a FDLC foundations coach, we would be pleased to hear from you. To express your interest please email

Assessment week

Thank you for your hard work throughout the year. We will be doing a skills assessment for all gymnasts during their class time in the week of 23 November - 29 November.

This will assist us to better align our training programs to each gymnasts current skill and developmental level. We are aiming to communicate feedback on each gymnasts progress shortly after the assessment week. It will also enable us to recommend changes to class times, if appropriate. Please feel free to discuss progress with your coach.


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