Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions are here to answer any questions you might have about our services at FDLC. If you can't find the answer to your question or have a general question or comment about FDLC please contact us here.

  • Can I sign up for a membership over the phone?

    As you are signing a membership agreement, this process will need to be completed at reception with customer service. This can be completed at any time the centre is open.

  • Are there any credit card surcharges?

    No, we do not apply a surcharge to any credit cards so you can claim all those extra points! 

  • Do you run gymnastics classes during the school holidays?

    Our gymnastics classes continue throughout the school holidays excluding the four (4) weeks at christmas/new year period. If you wish to have a break over the holidays you can simply put your membership on hold during that time.

  • Am I locked into a contract with my membership?

    No, you can cancel your membership at any time with just 14 days' written notice for gymnastics memberships and 30 days' written notice for health club memberships. Written notice can be a cancellation form filled out at reception or an email sent to

  • Do we still get charged for gymnastics classes not held on public holidays?

    No, we will not charge you as no gymnastic classes are held during public holidays. We will automatically adjust the price of your fortnightly direct debit so you are getting exactly what you pay for. 

  • Can I attend the Health Club while my son/daughter does a gymnastics class?

    Yes. The Health Club offers a ONCE A WEEK MEMBERSHIP so, while your little one enjoys their class, you can energise yourself in the health club. Click here for more information or click here for your complimentary trial pass.

  • Can I place my membership on hold?

    Yes, for gymnastics you are able to suspend your membership for a maximum of six (6) weeks per year with a minimum of two (2) week blocks per occurance. This does not include the extra four (4) week break over the christmas/new year period. If you do need a longer break, you can simply cancel your membership and sign back up when your ready to return at no extra cost. For health club memberships you are able to suspend your membership for a maximum of four (4) weeks per year with a minimum of two (2) weeks.

  • How can I update my financial details for my direct debit payments?

    If you have an ongoing direct debit and your financial details have changed, you can update these details at any time with either our customer service staff or on your online portal.

    To update your financial details please either:

    1. See reception to complete a "change in account form"
    2. Call the centre on 9911 6300 to provide these details over the phone
    3. Log in to your online portal or contact the centre if you do not have your log in information

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